Bloggers and Instagramers Are Shooting Pool: So Are Bathing Suits Used by The Most Influential Guys from The Network

If there is an easy and simple garment, that is the bathing suit. However, I don’t know why, it is something to which tend not to pay too much attention when it comes to dress. We may be about it-boys, that in the topic beach we started to shoot in swimsuits that leave much to be desired and old clothes that would be well in the dustbin. If you’re one of those guys who dress well but which costs you highlight when only should bring bathing suit, take a look at this post to try to get inspired with swimwear from bloggers and instagramers around the world wide web.

Bloggers and Instagramers Are Shooting Pool So Are Bathing Suits Used by The Most Influential Guys from The Network

Alberto Ortiz

Alberto Ortiz is a landmark in the menswear from our country, so it is one of the best examples that we can find to swimwear. Blogger risks with their bathing suits, committed both by the version Bermuda as for the White slips that only a privileged few can afford.

As additional garments and accessories, Alberto Ortiz combines their bathing suits to go to the beach with sunglasses Classic as the Wayfarer and modern as the mirror, hats y shirts. Are your beach looks like?

Sergi Pedrero

Now we are going with Sergi Pedrero, the DJ, Blogger and youtuber and digital influencer any profession that has to do with the Internet resists that. Barcelona is sticking a summer heat wave and heat wave and incredible travel, gives you time to put the bathing suit for a dip along the beaches of the world. His style is more sensual than Alberto Ortiz and bet almost always by swimwear slip. One of their favorite is the American flag, a difficult suit due to their high waist. What do you think?

Mariano di Vaio

Most international Italian blogger of the moment can also be a source of inspiration worthy of note. It is true that her looks are often being too MYHYV, but it is also true that sometimes it can leave us open-mouthed. For example, this bathing suit of Starfish that has gone to the beach I has nutty.

That Yes, I hope for the sake of Mariano di Vaio that day that took these photos would make a considerable cold, because I don’t want to imagine how uncomfortable that should be going to the beach with Sweatshirt.

Adam Gallagher

Galla is the typical guy that we talked about before: knows how to dress well but the issue swimsuits resists you. Or that we believe, because the truth is that I had to take me half profile blogger instagram to find this timid foray of a bathing suit (which can be pants perfectly, but there is no trace of anything else). A swimsuit smooth black, simplest impossible.

Marc Forné

We ended up with Marc Forné, the young model we captured all his modern style with American teenager. Right now is traveling in Thailand, so you can see an extensive collection of swimsuits in its profile of Instagram. He tends to go for a style very urban and masculine, with swimwear that sometimes go beyond knees. Do you like this type of bathing suit?