To The Ducks Water! and This Year Again with The New Bershka Collection

Let’s see, perhaps you think that it is very pricipitado talk about clothing swimwear, but firms are beginning to launch their new products. And seen, the bloggers are going every few minutes of travel to the Caribbean, the Maldives and a tropical places where is the bathing suit the only accepted. So perhaps we could do like them and fill our suitcase filled with with the new collection of bathroom by Bershka.

Models smooth ruffled o fluor colours they predominate in this second collection where prices are on a medium low-cost. So everything What is save, is welcome on this blog.

But for all those who prefer to look on the beach (or pool) printed models, you have four in to choose from. I abstained to comment the animal print, you know that he and I are archi public enemies, Although of tropical flowers It is monerrimo of the death. Or not?

What version would you stay?